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This isn't like other laser tag you may have played where you're thrown into a dark room and told to shoot anyone you come across. At CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Milwaukee, our focus is on team oriented, mission-based gameplay. For most of our games kills don't count, and the only way to get up on the scoreboard is by accomplishing the missions you're given. You'll defuse bombs, rob banks, and capture strategic points throughout the arena. Put down the controller and get into the game for real. This is "Call of Duty" in real life, and you get to be the action hero! In a typical hour and a half session players will take on about 6-8 missions, depending on time. For most of our games we allow unlimited respawns, so you can get back into the game and maximize your play time. When you die, you go back behind the base you started at to respawn back in and this creates distinct battle lines. All of our missions are balanced so there's something for everyone to do. They're simple enough for beginners but have enough depth for the most hardcore players.