Arcade & Bar Opening Soon! - CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Milwaukee


Posted July 19, 2019

CMP Combatants have always wanted a place to hang out and exchange war stories after a hard-fought session, and soon they’ll get just that. We’re calling it The Colosseum because it’ll be so much more than just a bar. Aside from plenty of food and drink, The Colosseum will feature dozens of classic and modern arcade machines and a few surprisingly unique ways to compete with your friends and enemies. Just as with CMP, our emphasis is on friendly competition. You can hop into a giant laser tag battle at CMP, round up a group for Killer Queen, or face off in Mortal Kombat and then grab a pizza and some beers.

When we open up in the next few months we’ll start out with our massive arcade along with a plethora of food, beer, and other drinks. As time goes on, however, we’ll introduce new and unique ways to compete that will make you feel like a true gladiator. Tournaments, specialty nights, and even some leagues, won’t be far off into the future. If you want a place to compete, watch some battles, or rest from your last bout then The Colosseum is your venue, and a perfect pairing for CMP Tactical Lazer Tag.

Head over to the website to sign up for our mailing list and get up-to-date info on our opening date, specials, and other great events! You can also find us on facebook.