All Bomb Session July 17 - CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Milwaukee


Posted July 8, 2019

The reaction when we pull out our bomb prop during a session is always priceless. New players are in awe, and veteran players are filled with excitement. Search and Destroy is a classic game, and almost nothing beats the exhilaration of defusing a bomb as it ticks down. During our Bomb Sessions you’ll play variations on one of our favorite games. We’ll play versions of classic Search and Destroy and Decode. During Decode the bomb starts already armed and at the top of a target building. One team must make it to that building, decode a long code, and defuse before the time runs out. The other team must stop them. If two bomb props are available, we’ll even play a double bomb game called Annihilation. This session is sure to be a blast!

Our next Bomb Session takes place July 17 at 7:45PM.  Cost is $20 per player, or $17 for Members and $14 for Elite Members.

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