Warzone Advanced February 7 - CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Milwaukee


Posted January 18, 2019

Imagine your team is spread throughout our massive arena. One squad is capturing the upstairs zones, while another is snaking through the streets, and a few more are respawning behind your base. Suddenly, the bomb is in play and you must all scramble to your target. That is Warzone. Experience chained and combined mission types during our Warzone Advanced SessionĀ .

You don’t need to be a veteran or great tournament player to join this session, but you may want to have played at least once and know how our props work. Our referees will be explaining the new combined mission types rather than the props.

The next Warzone Advanced Session will take place February 7 at 7:45PM. Cost is just $20 per player. Members get in for $18 and Elite Members are $16.

Book your spot online, now.