Squad Competition November 4 - CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Milwaukee

Squad Competition November 4, 2018

Posted October 21, 2018

It’s time for competition again at CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Milwaukee, but we’re throwing a bit of a wrench into things. Instead of hosting another tournament our next competitive event will be a Squad Competition. This will be the first time CMP Milwaukee has hosted one of these unique events, previously only done at our Lake Geneva location. During this type of competition, squads are assigned a team consisting of 2-3 other squads. They play a multi-objective game, and each squad on a team is awarded points based on the entire team’s performance. Then, the teams are remixed with different squads, and the game is played again and again until each squad has played with and against either most or every other squad (depending on turnout). Points are added up and the squad with the most wins the competition! It’s like playing a large session with all of the excitement of a tournament and almost none of the down time between matches. This is a great way to get in a ton of gameplay.  And unlike other competitive events like a tournament you’re not knocked out for any reason. You’ll play as long as the competition is going!

This Squad Competition will take place at 4:45PM on November 4. Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior so we can make squads. This will be a hybrid squad selection process. Players can sign up with or choose up to three total teammates. We will then randomize squads to place you and your chosen teammates with others. If you sign up solo you may get placed with a three others and another solo player to form a squad for the entire event, for example. Or one group of three may end up with another group of three. This means you can sign up solo or with up to three players and you’ll get to play with experienced players and newer ones alike throughout the event.

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