Conquest Tournament August 5 - CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Milwaukee

Conquest Tournament August 5, 2018

Posted July 13, 2018

History is written by the conquerers and our next tournament is about to be written by the competitors. We’re playing a rare game for our next competitive event. Get ready to play Conquest! In this game players must move through the arena capturing each building one at a time getting closer and closer to enemy territory. Push further or faster than your opponents and you’ll win the matchup. This game takes excellent teamwork, communication, and of course gun skills.

Our Conquest Tournament will take place August 5 at 5PM. Please arrive by 4:30PM that day so we can get teams figured out and start playing! You won’t need a team to sign up, because this tournament will be randomized just like our last one. We’ll take all the regular skilled players and randomize them, then randomize any newer players so we get a pretty even spread. You’ll play with and against all skill levels and it’s anyone’s game out there.

You can catch the highlights from our last Conquest Tournament back in 2016 on our YouTube page.

If that gets your blood pumping, then sign up by calling 414-483-2222 or booking online.

Conquest on March 6, 2016