Happy Hour... and a Half Extended! - CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Milwaukee

Happy Hour... and a Half Extended Through November

Posted August 7, 2017

The holidays are right around the corner and we thought we’d be the very first to give a present this year. Our fan-favorite deal was originally scheduled to end in October, but Happy Hour.. and a Half has been extended another entire month through November! Now you can still enjoy buy one get one laser tag sessions every Wednesday & Thursday through Thanksgiving week. That’s twice the heart-pounding action at no extra cost. You can use this deal to bring a friend or play twice as long. No matter how much you beg us we swear after this it’s gone for the year, so come and get it while you can!

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Note: Regularly priced sessions only. Members can use this deal to play both sessions with their membership price, but not to add another player.</span>