Celebrating 7 Years of Action

Posted July 7, 2017

This month we’re not just celebrating our country’s birthday on the 4th of July. It also marks our own anniversary as a laser tag arena. This July we celebrate 7 years of action here at CMP Tactical Lazer Tag. Even though it’s our birthday this month, we decided we’d rather play Santa in July and give you guys the presents. You’ll find a few big giveaways on our Facebook Page next week along with a bunch of memories and pictures from over the years. You can find our first giveaway on this post.

CMP is a Milwaukee original started by two young entrepreneurs in January of 2010. CMP Entertainment, as it was called then, specialized in paintball. We quickly became the Milwaukee area’s premiere paintball facility. But, behind the curtains the founders and employees had another idea for combat sports. On the other side of the facility we were slowly building up what would become something quite unique in the world. Named “Urban Warfare,” this new arena would mark the beginning of a different philosphy for both CMP Entertainment and the lazer tag industry as a whole. It was quite unlike almost any other built.

CMP Tactical Lazer Tag was officially born in July of that same year. Urban Warfare featured multiple buildings, each with multiple stories, adding a whole new feel to the sport of lazer tag. In this arena eight buildings surround a main street where a broken down car and traffic pylons add to the realism of urban tactical combat. Gameplay in this new venture was modeled not after the techno-colored laser tag lightshows of old, but instead after mega-popular first person shooter video games like Counterstrike and Call of Duty. The video games we knew and loved had come to life!

It turned out that quite a few people loved our vision of laser tag. It was such a hit, in fact, that the paintball side of the business closed down in November 2010 to make room for another arena, called “The Complex,” this time modeled after an office building. After that, we continued to create new guns, new games, new props, and new ways to play. We fostered a community of enthusiasts that became like family to us and to each other. We held so many tournaments that we even combined some into seasons! When we wanted to get out and get some sunshine, we opened an outdoor location down the road in Lake Geneva a few years later, too. Another indoor CMP facility opened in Frankfort, a southern suburb of Chicago, in 2014, too.

Our facility, and the way we do things here at CMP became the inspiration for countless locations, companies, and other entrepreneurial dreams throughout the country and even the world. We’ve lead the way in innovation, and success for almost a decade.

After 7 years we’re still proud to call this great city of Milwaukee our home. We’re thankful for every single person that came out and had a blast over the years, whether you wanted a memorable night out with friends, were hoping to make a special celebration even more epic, or had your sights set on taking out your boss during a team building event. You’re why we do this day in and day out. We just can’t get enough of the smiles, high fives, and insane cheers that fill our arena.

Here’s to the last 7 years out on the battlefield and to the next 7. We’ll see you out there!

Our arena when it first opened.

Crowds of people playing months after we first opened.

Another view of the arena before we even built the black building.

Our original bomb!

The second version of our bomb prop.

The arena before we got in graffiti artists.

Early Ref Team antics.