Posted May 3, 2017

For far too long one of our most exciting games and props has been in hiding down at our Frankfort, Illinois location. The only time Milwaukee players had a chance to play it over the last few years was during select tournaments. Now that’s all about to change. For a limited time, starting May 10, Sabotage will be played in Milwaukee during nearly every open play session. You can get a preview of the exhilirating new mission by watching some of our tournament videos from when we played the game here in Milwaukee. Catch the action in our Urban Warfare arena at the end of our Tournament Season 5 by watching this video. Or watch how it plays in The Complex.

During Sabotage, one team is tasked with protecting some of their precious equipment. The opposing team must make it across the arena, infiltrate the enemy territory, and destroy that device. They do this by simply shooting at it. Then, if the defending team pushes out the attackers, they can heal their machinery with the push of a button. Once it’s destroyed, though, it’s game over. Teams flip sides, and attackers becomes defenders. The team to dismantle the enemy equipment faster wins the rounds.

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