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All online session card sales are final. We do not offer refunds for any sales placed through this system. If you have any questions, please call our location at 414.483.2222. Gift cards are also always available at our location during open hours. When you are purchasing online, you must fill in the address you would like your cards sent to. If no such address is listed we will assume you'll be in within 2 weeks during open hours to pick up your cards. Gift cards cannot be used for online booking, so please call when you wish to reserve the session of your choice. Bring in your card when you play. Session space subject to availability.

NOTE: ALL PLAYERS MUST BE AGE 8 OR OLDER AND AT LEAST 48" TALL. SESSION TIME INCLUDES GEARING AND BRIEFING TIME. NOTE: Session gift cards are good for open play sessions only. They cannot be used toward any private or special events.

Any sales like Buy 2 Get 1 are built into the pricing of cards already, so choose how many you actually want to receive. If you order a four pack you will get four cards.